Turkey scholarship for Pakistani students 2021

Turkey scholarship for Pakistani students 2021. These scholarship programs are for Pakistani students as well as international students. The scholarships are offered for Undergraduate, Masters’s, and Ph.D. programs for international and Turkish students. With the improving relations between Pakistan and Turkey, the number of Pakistani students in Turkey has also seen an increase. This is why there is a huge demand for Turkey scholarships for Pakistani students in 2021. Many scholarships are available from the Turkish Government, International Governmental Agencies, as well as from the semi-public foundation.

The host University of this is Sabanci University that provides turkey scholarships for Pakistani students and as well as international students. Sabanci University Scholarships are extremely difficult to come by. Academic history, reference letters, good grades, transcripts, awards, Olympiad certificates, and academic achievement will all be taken into account by the committee. Candidates for the MSc and Ph.D. programs must have the ability to publish scientifically. 

The Sabanci University scholarship does not require a separate application; however, you must complete the relevant sections to show your interest in being considered for the scholarship. If the applicants meet the scholarship requirements, their admission application will be automatically considered. If the applicants meet the scholarship requirements, their admission application will be automatically considered. Candidates from every nation are eligible to apply for a turkey scholarship for Pakistani students in 2021, which has no racial restrictions.

Sabanci University is an Istanbul-based private university with a high ranking. Sabanci University is ranked #521-#530 in the QS Global World Rankings for 2021. Sabanci University is well-known for its natural science, engineering, social science, humanities, and management science studies. Also, check other Turkey scholarships for Pakistani students.

Turkey is a great place to study. However, most people can’t afford to travel to Turkey for education. Would you like to study in Turkey but have limited funding? Why not consider applying for the scholarships that are available. This way, you can reach your dream destination at a reasonable cost. Complete information regarding the turkey scholarship program for Pakistani students and how to apply is set out below.

Let’s know about the Turkey scholarship for Pakistani students in 2021 in detail.

Host country:

  • Turkey.

Host University:

  • Sabanci University.

Financial aid:

  • Fully Funded.


  • 05.Aug.2021
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Eligibility Criteria of Turkey Scholarship:

Candidates must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for a Sabanci University scholarship in turkey.

  1. They must be students from other countries.
  2. Students from Turkey who have completed their previous education in countries other than Turkey
  3. Turkey is also qualified to apply (conditions apply).
  4. Candidates must have a strong academic background.
  5. Before the deadline expires, they must submit all of their documents in their entirety.
  6. Candidates must be able to communicate in English fluently and effectively.
  7. Candidates must apply to Sabanci University for the program of their choosing.

Benefits of Turkey Scholarship 2021-22.

Different scholarships are available for various fields (programs), each with its own set of benefits.

1.Sabanci University’s fully-funded scholarship covers all tuition costs.

2.The stipend is paid on a monthly basis.

Documents requirements for turkey scholarship for Pakistan students 2021.

  1. A copy of the results with a correct and appropriate score is given.
  2. Diploma from a high school (English or Turkish)
  3. Official Transcripts (stamped and signed)
  4. a letter of recommendation from a professor a copy of your residence permit
  5. Other documents required by the English language proficiency score of the professor
  6. In addition, dorm rooms are available.
  7. Graduate students may receive a monetary reward if they publish a scientific paper (for specific faculty).
  8. The candidate’s other scholarship (partial funding) will cover full tuition fees only, 50% tuition fees, and 25% fees, respectively; a dorm fee waiver is also available.
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Turkey scholarship for Pakistani students 2021.

Scholarships for Prospective Students:


International students have the opportunity to receive admission scholarships to the University of Sabanci in Turkey. Every international candidate who applies to the University of Sabanci is automatically screened for a scholarship if they meet the application requirements. However, keep in mind that there is a limited number of scholarships at each level and the competition is fierce. Therefore, some scores do not guarantee a specific level of scholarship. When completing the application form, you can complete the relevant area to indicate that you will be considered for the scholarship. However, please note that all applicants for the scholarship are automatically screened, even if they do not fill out this section. Also, please note that there is a possibility to apply for a scholarship when you complete at least two semesters as SU with outstanding grades.

 In this turkey scholarship for Pakistani students 2021 and as well as international students Please note that your educational background, letter references, exam results, transcripts, interview results, and documents that show your academic achievement, such as prizes in competitions, any Olympiad through the Scholarship Committee Certificate will be considered. Therefore, you should not refrain from uploading such documents. The scholarship committee reserves the right to ask prospective students for additional documentation and/or conditions. If you are awarded a scholarship throughout the admissions process, it will continue during your education until you fail to meet the scholarship’s requirements. for more details

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Also, note that in Turkey scholarships for Pakistani students 2021 as well as International students. You are applying For Postgraduate Scholarship, your educational background (previous BA, GPA score, reference letter, etc.), and your test results (GMAT / GRE results, etc.) are required criteria at the time of admission. And if you are deemed eligible, you are awarded a variety of scholarships by the decision of the Scholarship Committee of the University of Sabanci. There is a range of postgraduate scholarship programs available to international students. Each year, many students have different types of scholarships. Finally, keep in mind that the faculty you applied for is the unit authorized to respond to your scholarship application. Therefore, we suggest that you contact the faculty with any special request.

How to apply for turkey scholarship.

Application process:

Submit the application along with the required documents for admission in any of the programs of Sabanci University. There is no separate app. Applications for admission to the scholarship will be considered if eligible. Please check the details correctly and apply only if it meets your criteria and requirements.

Applicants will be notified of the progress by email. Make sure you submit your documents and application before the last document. If you have any questions about this scholarship, you can contact the International Office through it. you can contact the international office via [email protected].

How to was the information about the Turkey scholarship for Pakistani students 2021.