Top 2 WhatsApp Online Tracker App.

Top 2 WhatsApp Online Tracker App

WhatsApp Online Tracker App:

Someone online  active chat makes us happy and sometimes unhappy. For example, in case we need to send a message immediately and at this point we want to get a response by looking at its online benefits. WhatsApp Online Tracker App .In any case, when we are parents, seeing our child online during exams or at leisure can put us under pressure. In both cases, there is the last of the best WhatsApp tracker apps for Android.

Whenever your child or partner is online you will be told these letters.Of course you can talk to them. Otherwise, to find out if the required person is online or disconnected, it becomes more and more annoying to open the conversation again and again.
Telling someone when someone comes online on WhatsApp makes it easier to get to the person or have a reasonable opportunity to talk to them. You can use WhatsApp to get ready when someone responds to your request and notice that it is online.

However, just because he doesn’t reply or text you doesn’t mean he’s not online; right? It made me research it to discover some working apps that give alarms at any cost when someone comes to WhatsApp and you have to pause for a moment to talk to him. ۔

In fact, I’ve discovered 2 apps that work for both versions of your OS, possibly Android or iOS.

WaStat -WhatsApp Tracker
WaStat is the best option that gives alarm in case someone comes online on WhatsApp. How do we read WaStat’s review and client guide? Apparatus not only provides the following highlights but also significantly more time stamps.


WaStat Displays last dynamic hours during association.
Information can also be obtained online for Android gadgets.
A recent 30 day insight record. Show notices for up to 10 contacts on double.
Indicates to inform the person at the time of closure that she visits online frequently.
The most effective way to use:


Get the WaStat app from the Google Play Store. Used to follow someone on WhatsApp.

Just click on the icon in the upper right corner and add the name of the person you need to follow.

Sends instant notices when someone is online.

LogFi – WhatsApp Tracker
The Logify app is another Android choice for following your WhatsApp contacts online. Logify will send a notice to those contacts whose money is stored on your portable, you can get it from the Play Store and try.


Easy to access and monitor your WhatsApp on Google Play Store.
In case you need a faster informant, Logify is the best app to get you started.
Easily set up online notices with Logify.
Track WhatsApp client’s previous exercises, which were used for teens for their exercises.
How to use:

The most important thing is to introduce the Logify app from the Google Play Store.

You can screen the client month by month and week by week where you track the number when it is online on WhatApp and all the exercises that WhatsApp gets all the time.

As this app performs on gadget activity, this means that you cannot be told about the various contacts that do not introduce the Logify app.

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