TikTok  launching  paids subscriptions for best content?

TikTok  launching  paids subscriptions for best content?

TikTok is  launching paid, subscriptions for the best content?

Following Instagram’s introduction of a paid subscription feature for its creators, TikTok seems to be following suit. The company announced on Thursday that it was looking for a feature that would allow influencers to paywall at least some of the content they share on the app.

The feature is part of a limited test, currently, and not widely accessible, so you may not soon see your favorite creators using it. The platform has not yet shared any details on how the feature works.


Given its other monetization options, such as the Send Tips feature.Which allows creators to accept money from fans outside of TikTok Live Streams – where gift-giving is already supported . And Instagram and Twitter As competing social platforms adopt similar monetization models, it is difficult to come by. Surprisingly, TikTok is trying to move towards a model that allows its creators to make money through the platform.

However, it is not clear how the paid subscription model will be implemented in the app. It’s clear that the app’s biggest advantage over competitors is its popular “for you” page algorithm, which also brings out content from creators that the user doesn’t follow. It’s a way for creators to reach users and turn them into ideal subscribers. But if the creators have their best content for the subscribers, then that content may not be available to enhance the algorithm, which may result in less engagement, because theoretically, it would be to the non-subscribers. Not showing.

However, it is also possible that the subscription may apply to additional. Special content that will only be available to paid users, as opposed to being applied to a creator’s account.
In 2020, the company announced a $ 200 million fund to support creators in the United States and increase their earnings.


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