Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022| Fully Funded

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022 are an integral part of the Swiss government’s strategy for innovation in its education and research sectors. The scholarships are available to both citizens of foreign countries seeking postgraduate research degrees in Switzerland and to Swiss citizens receiving a Ph.D. from foreign universities to pursue further studies at home.

In addition, art students can apply for the international grant, which is only offered on a master’s level. The scholarship also offers these students additional funding for expenses such as moving costs etc.

The Swiss Confederation Government Excellence Scholarships promote international cooperation and exchange through over 180 countries. These international scholarships are available for the nationals of the countries which has diplomatic relations with Switzerland or people who are Switzerland residents. The Switzerland Government Excellence Scholarships also raise Switzerland’s international profile in promoting research culture and as a leading ERI player.

Switzerland is home to international students and Swiss International Schools all around the country. Switzerland’s higher education system is rather different from that in other countries, which means that international students may have a difficult time getting their bearings for a while as they are exposed to new academic requirements.

This may get even more complicated when one applies for Swiss Government Scholarships 2022-23 in Switzerland! As a result of this unique foundation, Switzerland has some of the most prestigious colleges, universities, and research & development institutes in the world. Switzerland’s education system leads the world – both in reputation and practice.

Twice as many US citizens study at a university or college in Switzerland than at any one of the Top 100 universities worldwide – but it does come with its own set of challenges.

The rich cultural surroundings of Switzerland not only enable the students to gain much-needed confidence but also give them ample opportunities to excel in their fields of study. For those interested in higher education and research, the scholarship program is a perfect way to take advantage of all this world has to offer while studying and conducting research abroad.

The scholars have a thriving network with one another after completing the scholarship tenure, keeping in touch long afterward. This helps build global cooperation and fosters mutual respect among all cultures and nationalities – all qualities essential for the betterment of society – something more people need today than ever.

The following article provides insight into what you can expect from international scholarships for studies or research or any other field by the University of Lausanne, along with the benefits and the procedures involved in its application process.

Swiss Government ExcellenceScholarships 2022-23 details.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022

Host Country:

  • Switzerland

Awarded By:

  • Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students.

Course Level:

  • Masters Degree
  • PhD
  • Postdoc
  • Research Degree

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Available Scholarships:

  • Swiss Government Excellence Master’s Scholarships
  • Swiss Government Excellence PhD Scholarships
  • Swiss Government Excellence Postdoctoral Scholarships
  • Swiss Government Excellence Research Scholarships

Types of Scholarships:

There are two types of programs that the scholarship offers.

Research Scholarships

This program allows applicants to apply for any area of study in a university-based in Switzerland. There are the cantonal universities, universities of applied sciences, two federal institutes of technology, and four research institutes that accept study applications under this program.

Art scholarships

Art scholarships are intended for those who are hoping to continue with a master’s program. However, the majority of countries that hold art scholarship programs are limited within their own walls. One of the best benefits of art scholarships is that holders can gain access to any Swiss conservatory or university within their area.

Duration of Scholarship:

  • Research Scholarship in Switzerland – 12 months
  • PhD Scholarship in Switzerland- 12 to 36 months (time duration varies based on academic achievement)
  • Post-Doc Scholarship- 12 month

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022-23 some benifits

  • No application processing fee. 
  • Monthly stipends for master’s, Ph.D., and postdoctoral applicants.
  •  The Swiss government will provide mandatory health insurance for all citizens. 
  • Students will get half-fare public transportation.
  • Students will be enjoying support service, trips, dinners, and sightseeing tours.
  •  Non-EU and non-EFTA students are eligible to travel home after their education. 
  • A special housing allowance of 300 CHF is given at the beginning of a scholarship. 

Eligibility Criteria of Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022:

  •  To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be accepted to a Swiss university and have a letter from the professor.
  • For Ph.D. and Post-doc, you must have a Master’s degree equivalent to a Swiss Master’s degree.
  • You need to have graduated from a bachelor’s program that is equivalent to the Swiss one.
  • You must be from a country that Switzerland has diplomatic relations with.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to relocate to Switzerland for the duration of the course.
  •  You are not eligible to apply if you have lived in Switzerland for more than one year. 
  • If you have received any other Swiss Government grant, you are not eligible to apply. 
  •  The eligibility requirements slightly vary depending on your country of residence. You must check the eligibility criteria by Selecting Your Country. : Countries A – L / Countries M – Z

Documents Required for Swiss Government Scholarships 2022-23:

  •  1: A short CV. 
  •  A letter of motivation, highlighting why you’re perfect for this position.
  •  An outline of who you are and what you can do for the company. 
  • Submit two sets of documents 1-original and 1 photocopy. 
  • The first set must contain the original signed documents having two letters of recommendation.
  •  In the second set of paperwork, please include a copy of the first set, but leave off recommendation letters.
  •  The FCS form with the photo must also be typed and printed. 

How to apply for Switzerland Government Excellence Scholarships?

  • .The applicants have to apply for Ph.D., Post-Doc, or master’s programs in Swiss universities as well as for the Federal Commission of Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) separately.
  • The applicant should also provide his or her full profile, research project, or artistic work.
  •  Applicants also need to find a supervisor on their own from a desired Swiss university.
  •  You might want to speak with your selected professors about their research. 
  • One way to reach out to them is via email.
  •  Students applying for the Arts must confirm eligibility first. What is your country of residence? 
  •  The document must be in English.
  •  You can get the application package by going to the embassy of Switzerland.

Application Deadline:

 The application deadline is different for every country. The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022 announcement will be by the end of May 2022.