Pakdata Scholarshipex App Best Sim Database:

Pakdata Scholarshipex App Best Sim Database:

Do you want to check the Online PTA SIM Information System, including name, address, and other details about the owner? You’re at the right place.Pakdata Scholarshipex App Best Sim Database:

The best tool to check SIM owners online and via mobile app is provided by us. Information is available on Jazz, Warid and Ufone as well as Telenor and Zong Sims.

PTA Sim Information System:

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is a government agency that manages and helps organize the country’s telecommunications system. Cell phones became affordable and easily accessible in the 2000s. The number of subscribers to Pakistan’s cellular networks grew significantly over the years.

PTA Sim Information System, Registration, and Verification are all available online.

This allows both the common person as well as their mobile carriers to search their CNICs looking for active SIMs.

We have secured your identity card so that you don’t need to know how it is monitored for registered SIMs. This blog explains in detail the PTA SIM information management systems and associated services.

Search PTA SIM Information System Via Text Message

Check your sims information via sms

  • Send SMS to your mobile phone
  • Without dashes, enter your CNIC number here
  • Send an SMS to the USSD Code 668
  • An SMS will be sent to you, including active SIMs information. This information is stored on your CNIC number

What number SIM’s are allowed for your CNIC to register?

Yes, you can register multiple SIMs to your CNIC. Customers can also have up to five simultaneous SIM card connections through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). We now know how many SIMs your CNIC is allowed to register, so let’s learn more about the status of its registration.

Visit the website below to link your CNIC with the number of SIMs you have registered. Below is a step-by-step guide:

  • Pakdata Scholarshipex App Best Sim Database
  • The above screen can be viewed at the PTA SIM Information website.
  • Within a matter of seconds, you will receive your expected results in tabular format.
  • The table shows the number of active sim operators.

You can get SIM information through different ways

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, (PTA), when one purchases a new SIM or receives a duplicate SIM, or if one wishes to change the owner of the SIM, or if you wish to reverify your SIM for any reason other than the purchase of a SIM, they must verify the SIM using Biometric Verification Systems (BVS) in Pakistan. This is done after an online verification by NADRA.


What is GSM in Pakistan?

There are currently four GSM providers serving Pakistan that cater to millions mobile subscribers. Jazz/Warid Telenor Ufone and Zong are all names you may have heard. Let’s see how many SIMs you can connect to your CNIC.

Locate Any SIM Information System Online with Name and Address.

This is why the PTA SIM Information System uses state-of-the art solutions. If you want to know how to check your CNIC in order for active SIMs, there are two options. SIM Data can be viewed in two ways. One is via SMS.

PTA is the period when sim phone companies receive assistance to develop and sell products. Due to the large number of crimes, it seems that there is no complete record of who bought them.

Verification of biometric PTA SIM

PTAs have been reduced to BVS to ensure safety and prevent manipulation of both cellular networks via PTA biometric authentication. The PTA Biometric Authentication Framework is a partnership between NADRA. It uses CNIC electronic data for scanning mobile phones. Below are elements and events of the scheme:

  • Buy or activate a new SIM/Wireless connection to your landline.
  • Link to SIM/Wireless Firm duplicate
  • SIM/Wireless link change in ownership
  • Portability of Telephone Numbers (MNP).
  • Re-assessment of SIM/Wireless Firm Link

To avoid your SIM connection being blocked and to ensure your safety.You must have used a SIM that was acknowledged by the PTA. You can find out how to get a Pakistani biometric SIM here. You can check this again,.Not only to confirm that you have received your SIM link. Here’s how to do it.


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