Online Earnings Websites In Pakistan

 Online Earnings Websites In Pakistan


Fiver is the most popular online marketplace. This is a great option for fresh graduates. People who want to earn good money in life also use it for their part time job. On Fiverr, freelancers around the world sell their services online and get payments according to their skill. Next, create a concert (service) on your profile and submit customer requests.

The upwork

Upwork is another freelance work platform. This marketplace provides a professional platform , individuals and businesses to find jobs in easy way.

Freelancers who have specific skills bid for projects by submitting job offers. You need to connect to create bids. When you create a profile on upwork, you get 20 connections by default. If you run out.

Once a project on Upwork is completed, clients and freelancers leave feedback together. These reviews will help you improve your work score and benefit for your profile. Upwork offers many ways to make money. The best option is to withdraw money directly to your local bank account.


Freelancer is also an online revenue platform. People or companies that need freelancers post short-term and long-term jobs according to requirement . You can easily create a profile on this platform and bid on projects for earnings. Since you are affiliated with Upwork on a freelancer here, you must bid to submit your proposal. Free member receive 8 offers per month and increase their business.

Once they hire you. Freelancers have a landmark payment system, which means that payments are made when you complete a specific part of your project.

99 designs:

99 Design is a global platform that brings clients and designers from around the world to work together to create unique designs of their choice. If you are creative and you like to design then this is the perfect platform for you.

99design is a unique creative process that helps customers and designers integrate and complete projects such as designing business cards, logos, T-shirts, and more.

There are two ways to hire a clients on this platform . The client can work directly with the designer or start a competition. The competition allows freelancers to come up with creative designs and the client chooses the design they like.

PEOPLEPERHOUR.COM: is also an online income platform. This  pl atform connects clients and freelancers around the world for their business improvement.


Once your proposal is approved by the client, you can start working on the project and can earn through this project .

Guru. Guru recruitment process is easy. After creating a profile, you need to submit project and skills  quotes according to your skills .

You can get paid membership for benefits like more offers, discounted labor rates, and more.

روزی۔ PK

In livelihood pk, you can easily find a job online that matches your skills. All you have to do is create an account on this website, submit your educational data and skills. Once your account is approved, you can start looking for jobs that are related to your skills.

The process of applying for these jobs is easy and does not require any investment and can mange their business easily. Some jobs require you to submit your CV to the email addresses listed above and some require you to submit your CV.

WORKCHEST.COM: was introduced by a well-known freelancer, Hisham Sarwar, from Pakistan.

The account creation process is straightforward here. Once you’ve signed up with your email, you can create your own concert and mention your services. You can also set prices and delivery times so that users can easily browse and order their favorite concert.

The fifth question:

FiveScod is also a free website. The site is similar to Fiverr, but most UK users hire freelancers. You can sell your services here, but the transaction will be in British pounds. You can start selling for یا 3 or 5.

This online monetization website works the same way as Fiverr. No investment required. You have to make a concert and rate it. If you have the skills, you can easily get an order on FiveScud.

REV.COM: is another great freelancing  platform where you get paid and do all the work . All you have to do is listen to the audio and write down exactly what is said in the audio.

It gives housewives a great opportunity to earn some extra money by sitting comfortably in their homes.

One major drawback of this platform is that they only provide PayPal payments.


In this age of the corona virus, only people who work online survive because all businesses are online today. People are losing their jobs and this is the best time to go for self employment and start their on business without investment .

You can’t become an expert in a month or two, you just have to focus on the right platform and you get $ 5 per month.


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