How to set  picture on your mobile dialer.

How to set  picture on your mobile dialer.

set your picture on your mobile dialer
set your picture on your mobile dialer

Hello friends, in this article I will show you the strategies by which .You can set your picture and video on your phone dialer application.

So if you need to make your phone dialer moody. And unusual, for others, this article will be valuable to you.

set your picture on your mobile dialer

Allows you to edit your phone’s dialer. And add your photo and video to the phone dialer according to your choice.

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Accelerate a slow internet connection.

So now we will not burn in our time, and just need to start this topic. So let’s get.

See a picture of your decision to make your dial screen. Adjust the way you need it and stop using the tireless dial dial cushion of the phone.

Application permission:

Here we describe the most important guideline that our application requires.

Read, call logs, write call logs.

This consents enable client to call the visit page quickly and efficiently via the phone button.

Take pictures and recordings / record voice.

After introducing this application in its versatile. You’ve found 2 alternatives to this application in your portable. 1. Call dialer

With the Call Settings app, you can set your picture (s). In the phone dialer experience, and you can even add a video.

Association on your handset:

In fact, remember that when you first set it up, you have to keep the web association on your handset.

So when you have completed this procedure and set your picture behind the phone dialer, you will have to go to the .’Call Dialer’ of this application for any call. Because. When you call the call dialer of the current application, you can see the owner of the image and video.

Collar pad look:

When you call from your traditional call dialer, you don’t see your picture right now. So if you need to see your picture in the phone dialer experience, you need to call with this application. Using this guideline you can set your picture and video behind the Call Dialer application. So dear members, I’m sure you’ll like this article . If you need it, please share it with your colleagues.

Custom dial screen:

Personalize your calling dial screen. Customized it and stop using boring phone calling using old  dial pads.

My Photo Phone Dialer, Call My Photo app personalizes your calling dial screen.  My Photo Phone Dialer is an important feature as .It allows you to see who is calling you and to avoid spam calls .Which is very annoying and a waste of your time.

If your dialer pad or full length collar pad and outgoing collar pad look good and beautiful with your photos. Everyone will know about your color and unique photo collar dialer screen at the same time. Will think

Caller ID Dialer and Contacts  Icon Collar Screen . Wallpaper as Collar Screen Image Collar Screen Emoji Stylish.  Collar Screen with LED Flash.


– Latest 10+ collar style themes

– Full screen calling image

– Smart interface and HD phone display


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