How To Make Money With Tello talk Money App 2021

How To Make Money With Tello talk Money App 2021

Make Money With Tellotalk App:

Today’s we  told you in this article how to make money from daily tele talk in Pakistan. Tello Talk is a Pakistani messenger app for mobile application and earns real money with Tello Talk.Make Money With Tellotalk App

There are limited ways to make money on telecom.  If 10 friends join Tello Talk, 100 on your link. Money was sent to you from your EasyPay or Cash account. There  way to make money from Tello Talk.

Make Money With Tello talk App:

Enter the world of possibilities where C channels. And for business service integration, regional Pakistani language keyboards, music, games and news are all available for free.

Proudly created by Pakistan, our free chat app is packed with exciting .New features that will change. Your perspective on what Messenger can do. Telco Talk is gaining more attention in Pakistani mainstream media and is being proudly featured,


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Tello talk lets allow  you to  views and share the latest news from around the world through it messenger view. Daily jokes and memes and daily facts, prices and information on the web.

Desi stickers:

Prove the fact that what it means to have the best and only set of stickers to accomplish every goal.

Hide chat:

Select the chat you want to hide, and Teltalk Chat will keep the chat history.

Video streaming:

Tello Talk Super  app makes it easy for you to stream your favorite TV channel. Jokes news and much more information from your messenger.


Islamic content:

Integrated Islamic services like Qibla  direction Finder and Masjid Locator allows you to experiments. These important uses without downloading or switchings apps.

You can now  chat messages even after handings them over to an unsent recipient.

Corporate Channels:

Tello Talk is Pakistan’s first es app that allows  you everyone from small business owners. Large corporations to engages with customer based on traditional SMS service. Multimedia messages are live from telecommunications.

Mobile games

Play thrillings and addictiv mobile game with your messenger!

Cheap rate for HD quality and VIP calls.

Calls between conversations are free.

Support call recording.

It’s easy to send cell phones to your loved ones.

The special conference calls up to 6 subscribers.

Join the apps games to get free credit.

Invite friends and get free credit.

Intelligent VOIP engine

Depending on the current network environment.

Send mobile tops to your loved ones:

This makes it easy and possible to send international mobile top-ups to your friends and family.

Get free credit in different ways:

Join the app game and be lucky to get a big prize. Show off your unique and catchy voice in the voiceroom to win prizes.  Rewards, prizes can be used as a credit in Tello talk.


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