How to Make Friends in College When You’re Shy: 5 Proven Strategies 2021

How to Make Friends in College When You’re Shy in today’s article we are discussing just simple strategies for making friends in college or school. Making friends in college isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Maybe it’s because you don’t know many people, or maybe it’s because you’re shy.

Whatever it is, the critical thing to remember is that everyone was in your shoes at one time or another. In fact, I made very few friends my freshman year at college — it was a struggle, to say the least.

How to Make Friends in College When You’re Shy (I knew NO ONE my first day)

How to Make Friends in College When You’re Shy 2021 (I knew NO ONE my first day)

shyness and College

College is a whole new experience, and it’s going to be even more challenging to make friends in your dorm. If you struggle with making new friends, you’re in luck. College campuses have all sorts of ways to help you find a welcoming environment for making friends.

Making New Friends in College or school Plan Ahead Before college, you might have known how to make new friends, but now you have to make sure your anxiety doesn’t hinder you from finding new buddies. One way to prepare for making new friends? Pick one thing you’re willing to do to try at least once.

For example, you can show up at a party alone or bring your significant other with you and introduce them to someone they know. If your dorm is hosting a “Welcome Back Dinner” event, ask if your dorm is among the last in line so you can get a spot.

Let’s discuss some proven strategies about How to Make Friends in College When You’re Shy.

Take advantage of your college resources.

You’ll be surrounded by new people, but you won’t necessarily know anyone. Luckily, your college has lots of resources available to students who feel lost. For example, if you’re struggling to feel at home, reach out to your academic advisor or career advisor. They’re there to help you navigate your college career, and it’s common for them to meet with students who are feeling lost.

If you’re a little more confident, try your hand at doing a mock job interview or a few rounds of classroom introductions with other students. Both will help you to feel less intimidated and bring you out of your shell a bit. Be yourself.

Sometimes shyness can be hard to overcome, but it doesn’t have to.

Meet new people through your classes.

How to Make Friends in College When You’re Shy

If you have an advisor on campus, speak to them about whether you’ll need to take certain classes to meet other people in your major. If so, find out which classes the teachers want you to take. Then, go to a few of those classes and find people to talk to.

This will give you a chance to get to know your teachers, maybe see how they teach, and get to know other students. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your classmates out yet, ask for a random coffee meet-up or join a smaller class.

The social aspect of college helps with making friends, so take advantage of it. Reach out to others through ClassConnect If you don’t have a class with many people, check if your college has a Facebook group for a particular major.

Join clubs or other organizations.

If you’re on the shy side, joining a club or other organization in your school can help you meet new people. The best thing to do is to join a club or organization you’re interested in to see if you click with the people in it. There’s nothing wrong with staying on the sidelines if you’re not interested in joining, but getting to know a few members will give you an idea of what makes the club a great fit.

If you’re still unsure about joining a club, ask a teacher or adviser for help. They’ll be able to help you decide which club is right for you and will probably be very excited to meet you if you do decide to join.

If you’re still nervous about joining, try visiting the organization’s room, which could provide you with an excellent first impression.

Be social outside of your dorm room.

In general, staying home for the first few months of college is very safe and comfortable. However, when people are on their own, they are much more apt to be more social and take social risks. Sure, that may mean stepping out of your comfort zone, but it could also lead to some amazing friendships.

Make a study buddy Study groups can be very successful, but you need someone you can trust to be your study buddy. You want to choose someone ambitious and driven to get good grades and respect your need to study independently.

In addition, make sure you make time to hang out with your study buddy outside of class. For example, you can get coffee or go to the library together.

The Pros of Making Friends in College

The number one reason college is the best time of your life is getting to make lifelong friends. College is a great place to meet people because there are so many different people from different backgrounds. If you’re not already friends with most of your class, college could be the perfect time to make your first friends. College can also be a great place to grow and discover who you are.

Most students don’t realize how important confidence and confidence are until they leave college. Getting used to a new social life at college can be an incredible challenge for shy students, but it’s really just another step in your journey toward self-confidence.

College also provides you with the perfect platform for making new friends.

The Cons of Making Friends in College

Just because it’s easy to make friends in college doesn’t mean it’s easy to keep them. You’ll spend so much of your time on campus that you may not have the opportunity to see the friends you make during the day in-between classes, and therefore become easy to lose touch with.

In addition, some days you’ll have less time for the clubs and activities that bring you together because you’re too busy with your academic work. Making friends can also be a struggle because some of the issues shyness can cause can feel like the biggest deal in the world.

When you’re too shy to approach someone in the cafeteria, getting to know your classmates in class can seem like a major project.

How to Overcome Shyness.

How to Overcome Shyness.

Get More Friendly Be mindful of your body language when you’re around people. For example, don’t cross your arms in a stiff, tense manner. Instead, get a little more friendly, engage in small talk, and have a great time! The more you talk to people and get to know them, the more comfortable you’ll feel, and the more people will want to talk to you, too.

Follow These Ways to Get More Friendly in College Introduce Yourself to People as You Begin to Make Friends If you’re having trouble making friends, start off by making a connection.

If you’re hanging out with someone, introduce yourself by saying, “Hi. I’m Krystal. I don’t think we’ve met. I’m the girl on end. I’m so happy to meet you.” As you’re introducing yourself, do something to make them feel welcome.

How to Make Friends in College When You’re Shy is just simple Conclusion in 2021

Although shyness is a typical trait and not something to feel ashamed about, it can affect your social life and overall experience at college if you don’t have any ideas of how to combat it. If you’re not sure how to overcome this fear, one of the best and easiest ways is to find new friends before school starts. This will give you a head start in the long run and make for a more fun college experience.

So if you’re still looking for new friends or simply looking to improve your social skills, check out some of these now how do you think about this article How to Make Friends in College When You’re Shy 2021. We are also written articles about the scholarships.