Diya Scholarship for Pakistani students 2021-2022


Diya Scholarship for Pakistani students 2021-2022

There lot’s of scholarships around the world.Every students want’s to get scholarship for academic purpose.

So today i will select the best scholarship for pakistani students.The name of the is diya pakistan.

Diya Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s biggest scholarship-giving organisations. Diya Pakistan offers 50,000 annual scholarships to students in schools and universities across Pakistan. It also provides students participating in skill development programmes with monthly stipends. Throughout the year, Diya Pakistan accepts applications.

diya scholarship eligibility criteria

1.This scholarship is open to high school students.

2.This scholarship is open to college students.

3.Students with a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree are also eligible to apply.

4.The student must achieve a passing grade of 60% on the test.

5.Only students enrolled in government institutions are eligible to apply.

6.Students who are only enrolled in another scheme would be unable to profit from it.

8.Students pursuing a Ph.D., MSc, or MA degree are not eligible to apply.

9.How to Become a Diya Scholar

How to apply for diya Scholarship

1.The first step in applying for this scholarship go to the official webstie diya Pakistan.

2.A link is placed in front of you. To get a form, you must click there to apply now.

Importance Notes:

3.All  school and inter-students menually apply

4.Only MSc and BSc students are eligible to apply online at home.

5.Fill out the Online Scholarship Application if you’re applying for the first time.

Following acceptance, the check will be sent to your institute within 10 to 30 days. It will be sent to you after confirmation. By displaying your original NIC card and giving a NIC copy to the bank, you can withdraw checks from any Meezan Bank branch.

Diya Scholarship for Pakistani students 2021-2022

Here the Renewal Form of Diya Scholarship click Now for apply button.