BIGO Live Streaming App Download free

BIGO Live Streaming App Download Free

Bigo Lives lets you stream live all the time to stream your favourite moments, connect with friends around the world and get bored. We have more than 400 million subscribers around the globe.

It is recommended for people who:

  • You would like to view live streams and engage with hosts live.
  • Take advantage of online music shows.
  • It is fun to chat with people from across the globe
  • You can enjoy watching live streams of gaming and discuss strategies.
  • Want to be an inspiration by demonstrating their talents.
  • Consider helping others who have worked hard to achieve their goals.
  • Love luxurious items

Live stream

Millions of talented dancers, broadcasters comedians, foodies, singers and many more.

Live video chat or video call

No boring BIGO LIVE are able to meet locals near you or strangers from all over the world.

Live voice chat or drop in audio chat


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A comfortable, easy-to-use audio chat area – chat with acquaintances and interesting people all over the world, as a kind of clubhouse.

LivePK (LOL):
Broadcasters who have the highest points will be crowned winners, while those who lose are penalized.

 Do you dare to be bold or not?

Live streaming of games:
Watch the live stream or view other games that are popular, including PUBG, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, GTA, Fortnite, Dota 2, Among Us and more.

Go live:
Find followers, gain followers, win gifts, meet new friends and be the best for your friends and family.

The Key Features:

  • Live stream free shows
    From live music, live dance and show-stopping dance performances to your everyday life, BIGO LIVE offers you a variety of live-streamed videos.
  • It is possible to sort live stream streams by nation. BIGO LIVE Lite features a wealth of broadcasters with talent from more than 100 countries.

Virtue Gift

  • There’s a myriad of gifts that have purchased online, include rings, roses supercars and luxury cruises dream castles and more.
  • You can purchase some presents to assist your VJs catch their interest . Additionally, you’ll get quicker by sending them virtual gifts.

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