Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android 2022

Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android 2022

Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android 2022


WhatsApp is one of the most used messengers for everyday communication and especially for private conversations. It’s a simple and easy way to send a text message or make a call in minutes. Although this is a great way of communication, it comes with some issues with security and privacy.
Like other social networks, WhatsApp made it much easier for fraudsters to share information without their friends knowing. Additionally being a threat to cyber security, teenagers and children are now vulnerable to being targeted by cyber criminals.

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Are you curious about WhatsApp tracker apps that allow users to monitor a person’s location in real-time and view messages sent or received by you through WhatsApp accounts? This article reviews the top WhatsApp tracker apps for Android and will allow you to monitor effectively.

So, you don’t have to worry about this because thanks to these apps they allow you to identify who is logged into your employee’s or child’s WhatsApp account.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is a fantastic messaging app for everyday communication, especially private messages.  However, despite the numerous benefits of the app, it also poses cybersecurity and privacy issues. This is a list of top spyware apps for WhatsApp that allow you to monitor in real time.

WhatsApp Tracker Apps: Why Do We Need Them?

WhatsApp Tracker Apps These apps are designed to monitor the contacts of others or even your child/employee WhatsApp accounts. They c an give you the ability to see who your child or employee is sharing what and how much information. These apps will also allow you to monitor what your children or employees type in the chat. Additionally, these apps can tell you the locations of employees and your children before they know it.


It is possible to track someone’s phone to find out who they are in touch with as well as how often they are using WhatsApp and who is using the same phone at the same time in a particular area. Is. WhatsApp tracker apps can also be a great tool to track the location of a person using GPS.+.

Advantages of using WhatsApp tracker apps
There are many users who want to track the activities of their children, spouse, employees or anyone else on WhatsApp. If you want to know if you know who has been using WhatsApp during a certain period of time, then WhatsApp Tracker is the best application.

With the help of tracker apps, you can get information about any shared messages on your phone with two or more people, regardless of where they live or whether they have activated their accounts. What is the delay time? Get these top WhatsApp tracker apps today and get the job done!

Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android.

1.W-Seen – Last seen online.
Are you worried that your child is using social media sites at night? It’s time to check the data and have a serious discussion!

W-Seen Online gives you all the details about how long your loved ones will be online. You can potentially track the frequency that your loved ones are online and receive messages.

It is possible to know the people you are thinking of seeing. For example, W-Seen Online will show the same application they are using.

When you add HTML0 to your contacts, you’ll instantly receive notifications whenever people are online. The programmers provide a no-cost premium trial to all users, which means you’re sure to be satisfied that LogMe Online works well.

2. Chat Track Online
This application is real and it offers you an agent disguised as a person on a secret mission! This chat track is a way to monitor the activities of your family or friends who are online and can connect through WhatsApp. The agent is kept in the dark because no one believes the mini-investigation is going on.

WhatsAgent will display graphs that show your online and offline time.

3.WatzUsage : Tracker for WhatsApp
Don’t waste your time trying to see someone one last time. Use WhatsOn to get notified when your personal monitor is online via WhatsApp. Check your friend’s online time.


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