Best Scholarship Opportunities for the Students of Baluchistan and FATA 2021-2022


Applications are welcomed from outstanding postgraduate students of Baluchistan and recent FATA who plan to seek after Undergraduate concentrates in HEC-perceived public/private area Universities/Degree Awarding Institutions of Pakistan.

This HEC grants are being offered for the academic  year 2021-2022 in each part of study/discipline  the undertaking named “Provision of Higher Education Opportunities for the Students of Baluchistan and FATA (Phase-II)”, Batch-IV.and compose something new.

Now we see important rules of this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants must possess Local/Domicile Certificate from Balochistan/erstwhile FATA.
  2.   Candidates must have completed 16 years education with at least 60% marks.
  3.   Maximum age limit is 35 years as on the closing date.
  4.   Candidates must have acquired the requisite academic qualifications on or before the closing date.
  5. The candidates who are already availing any other HEC/Government scholarship are NOT eligible to apply.
  6. Candidates will need to meet HEC and university criteria for admission in MS/MPhil programs during this scholarship 2021-2022

Important Note

 a) Scholarships will be awarding on merit and district/agency quota of Baluchistan and all FATA areas.

b Candidates will be shortlisted based on their academic qualifications and an aptitude examination (conducted by HEC).

c) Candidates have to secure at least 50% marks in the test.

d) The scholarship distribution ratio for the students of Balochistan and FATA is 50:50. e) Students already enrolled in any MS/MPhil programme may also apply.

f) For further details and guidelines, please visit e

Scholarships Will Cover

 a) The fee of the tuition  and other charges (including hostel and travel sports charges) – maximum Rs. 60,000 per semester/year

 b) Living allowance of Rs. 9,000 per month with the annual increment of Rs. 500 for 2nd year

 c)The Books allowance of Rs. 6,000 for each year

 d) Traveling allowance of Rs. 5,000 for each year

 e) Initial settlement allowance of Rs. 10,000 one time.

 How to Apply for HEC Scholarship

 a) Applicants are must be required to submit online application through HEC Officiale.

 b) HEC reserves the right to postpone or cancel the scholarship process at any stage without assigning any reason.

 c) Application in hard form will not be entertained.

 d) Applicants must deposit Rs. 500 as an application fee (non-refundable) in HBL Account Number A/C No. 1742-79001334-01 and get your deposit slip from the bank.

Then upload a scanned copy/image online when applying.

  Last date of this scholarship

 Friday, June 4, 2021, is the deadline for submitting online applications. Applicants are encouraged to review their emails and the HEC website for updates regularly and submit well ahead of the deadline to receive assistance in the event of any inconvenience.

Education Opportunities for the Students of Baluchistan and FATA (Phase-II)”, Batch-IV.

Frequently asked questions of scholarship 2021-2022

Q1. My  domicile is not in FATA/Balochistan. Is it possible for me to apply?

No, only applicants with a Balochistan or erstwhile FATA domicile/local certificate are eligible to apply.

2.      What is Balochistan IN/OUT and FATA IN/OUT?


BALOCHISTAN IN and FATA IN are the categories for applicants who studied at the F.Sc (Intermediate level) in institutions located within the districts of Balochistan or in the agencies or FRs of the erstwhile FATA.Those who studied at the F.Sc (Intermediate level) in institutions outside of Balochistan and those who studied in former FATA/FRs are classified as BALOCHISTAN OUT and FATA OUT, respectively.

3.      What are the  scholarship allocation for Balochistan IN/OUT and FATA IN/OUT?

In Balochistan and FATA, 90 percent of scholarships are available.

Balochistan OUT and FATA OUT: 10% scholarships

Students who have completed FA/FSc/I.Com/A Level or equivalent from the districts / agencies / FRs of erstwhile FATA and Balochistan will be eligible for 90% scholarships under the categories FATA IN and Balochistan IN.

10% scholarships will be awarded for Balochistan OUT and FATA OUT Category.

Q.4: Am I qualified to apply if I am awaiting the results of my BS/BSc (Hons)/MA/MSc (16 Years Education)?

No, as stated in the advertisement, the applicant must have obtained the required academic qualification on or before the deadline. Students who are awaiting their results are not qualified to apply.

What is the scholarship’s duration?

The scholarship for a Postgraduate degree is for one year and can be extended up to two years depending on the programme enrolled and academic results.

What criteria will be used to shortlist candidates and how will they be chosen?

Candidates will be short-listed based on their Aptitude Test Score (conducted by HEC) and Academic Credentials Scores. For Postgraduate Program, academic record will be given 50% weightage and aptitude test will be given 50% weightage..

Q5.What is the scholarship allocation for Balochistan and FATA?

The scholarship allocation ratio for Balochistan and FATA students is 50:50.Q

Q6.I do have access to financial aid/scholarships through my university/institution. Is this scholarship open to me?

No, students who have already received financial aid or a scholarship from another university or institution are not eligible to apply.

Q7.Is it possible for me to apply my application by courier or by hand?

Only online applications will be considered. Applications sent in hard copy would not be considered.