Yo WhatsApp Download APK (Official) (2022 New) Official Yova.

Yo WhatsApp Download APK (Official) (2022 New) Official Yova

Download APK (Official) v18.70 (2022 New) Official Yova

Today we will informed the world about the YoWhatsApp APK the top most  versions of the widely used app. Keep reading to learn more.Download APK (Official) v18.70 (2022 New) Official Yova
WhatsApp began to appears on the horizon of connectivity and it completely embraceds everyone from heads to toe. The main benefits were the delivery status as well as the blues ticks that indicates that the messages has been read. Initially WhatsApp charged a fees for its messagings service, but later. It started offering free services. However, people were requesting more features. So the developers cames up with an edit in YOWhatsApp.

What is YOWhatsApp?

Yo WhatsApp is like your standards WhatsApp excepts for a few extra features. So, you can make calls and send pictures of messages, videos of voice messages, and perform all the other activities that you can do through WhatsApp.

Download the YOWhatsApp APK.

Acknowledging this, WhatsApp developers third parties apps have create these modification versions of WhatsApp such  asYOWhatsApp. OG WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, NS WhatsApp 3D and many other modifieds  available the Internet. Versions In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the details and information about the features and functions of WhatsApp as well as other modified versions .

Install this app on your mobile device and take advantages of the amazing feature that WhatsApp provide to its user. The technology is very fast and the modified  new version  has  the originals WhatsApp applications in a short time.  There are many new themes emojis and themes available that makes the dark experiences of WhatsApp a pleasants experience.


How to check who saw my WhatsApp profile?

Latest features of the new version of YOWhatsApp.

  1. Anti-ban
  2. Find out who you can reach.
  3. Hide the blue tick.
  4. Emojis animations and stickers
  5. Custom designed themes
  6. Dark theme
  7. Download stories.
  8. Hide the watch story.
  9. Anti-delete feature

Is YoWA Safe?

Millions of people are connected to Yo WhatsApp. It took a long time to allow the apps to be updated which means  experienced crashes and bugs. The time has comes for the apps to be updated. It is nows free of bug and viruse. No longer a production problem. It’s also completely safe and secure,…. so you don’t have to worries about malware or ads.

Reasons to use YoWA

Everyone wants an upgrade version of their app instead  standard or original version. Developers of various application are making changes  official versions, including that were not present in the first version. While there, are  FM WhatsApp  ,,GB WhatsApp , WhatsApp Plus, and OG  WhatsApp, Yuva .

WhatsApp has been arounds for a long times and is knowns for its easy to use, reliable and instants messaging service. It has become common plateform for a large numbers of peoples. But at the same time WhatsApp has already becomes very commons?


Why not add more excitements to an already populars apps? That would be a great idea! This is exactly what YoWA is doing. These are private features of YoWA.


Many people are not convinced that WhatsApp is adequate in terms of security as people can access the online activities of other users and learn a lot about this person. That’s why he persuaded Youssef al-Basha to  integrated certaind privacy feature into YoWA. It’s safer for users to use YoWA’s privacy features.

Who can call me? As the name suggests, it is possible to block incoming calls from people you do not want to call. It’s as easy as going to their profile and turning off the option. When someone blocks you from contacting them by phone, it is immediately disconnected. Be aware of problems during emergencies.. I think you can use it for completely angry people.

Freeze last seen. This feature allows you to use WhatsApp seamlessly as your last look will not be visible to other people.

Show blue ticks after answer. Unlike messages that show a blue tick without replying, it only shows a tick when you reply. This feature is useful for those who are unable to instantly play the message.

Anti-Delete Messages. In the first version of WhatsApp, when a person deletes a conversation from their chat, you are not able to read it. With YoWA you are able to find messages that were deleted by the other person. No one can keep your information at any time!

Anti-delete status. It allows you to view the stories of your friends and their video clips who have already deleted these videos. Therefore, you will not have the latest events.

Hide View Status. This means that the person at the other end of the line will not see your name in the status view of your account. You are invisible, in short. You will be able to see its status, but you will not be able to see it.

Yo WhatsApp is an upgraded version of the WhatsApp app. Therefore, many people are not sure whether they should use Yo WhatsApp. In addition, if you use Yo WhatsApp for a long time, you may be removed from WhatsApp. But, there are incredible features in the app that you should not overlook. We’ve provided a direct anti-ban link for YoWhatsApp.



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