AIOU Assignments Schedule for 2022 Matric. FA. BA. MA. Phd

AIOU Assignments Schedule for 2022 Matric. FA. BA. MA. Phd

For Matric, FA, BA and B.Ed students, you can search the most current and accurate information on AIOU assignments schedule for 2022. Here is the latest schedule of Assignments Submission Spring and Fall semesters. The AIOU, Pakistan’s largest educational organization, provides home-based education. It is home to thousands of millions of students (Female or Male). Every educational program includes assignments. However, the number of assignments depends on the degree. Students have the opportunity to earn high marks by solving assignments in accordance with the question papers.

Remember the deadline to complete the assignment. You should receive it at your tutor’s address before that deadline. For any revisions or extension to the deadline or assignment dates, I recommend that you keep visiting our portal.

AIOU Assignments 2022 

As we already knows that the Allama Iqbal Open University announces two time admissions (Autumn & Spring) in every year.

  1. AIOU Matric. FA/ICom Assignments Schedule Semester 2022
6-Credit Hours Course Due date 3-Credit Hours Course Due date
Assignment No. 1 01-6-2022
Assignment No.2 01-7-2022 Assignment No.1 01-7-2022
Assignment #3 01-8-2022
Assignment no.4 30-8-2022 Assignment No. 2 30-8-2022
  • Autumn 2021 Assignments Schedule These are the steps to submit your assignment schedule.
Class/Program Last Assignment Submission 2nd Assignment Submission End Date
Matric 01-02-2022 28-02-2022
F.A 01-02-2022 28-02-2022
B.A 15-02-2022 15-04-2022
B.Ed 20-02-2022 03-04-2022
BS 13-02-2022 03-04-2022
MA/M.Ed 27-02-2022 10-04-2022
  • HTML8613 Workshop: Students are provided with the final submission link for LMS. You can access the online course 8613 via your LMS portal. Deadline for students who received workshops in Jan 2022 and March 2022 is April 30th. For those who were given in March 2022, it is May 15th. Students are advised that they visit their portal.
  • AIOU Assignment Portal :Assignment Portal is now up after routine maintenance. Students can now upload Master’s and B.Ed. assignments directly without waiting for the final date.
  • Autumn-21 Phase 2 Programs: The Assignment Portal shall be unavailable due to technical issues/ incorporating grading elements. It might take several days. The portal will open for assignment uploads after this routine maintenance.
     You can upload the first assignment on the due date of your second assignment.
  • AIOU Autumn-21 Extension to Assignment Submission. It is to inform that the submission date for 1st assignment, phase 2,ODL programs has been extended. One can now UPLOAD the first assignment with the second assignment.
  • Assignments Fall-21 Submission Date The First Assignment is complete. This is to inform you that the submission date for said assignment (phase 2,ODL) has been extended. The portal now allows you to upload the first assignment in 3 days.
  • Autumn-21 Assignment Submission Deadline. The assignment submission facility shall be activated as soon as possible. So that your assignment submission option can be activated, keep your assignments prepared. Extensions may be granted if necessary.
  • Extension in Submission Date Matric & FA – Allama Iqbal Open University has extended submission deadlines for Matric students and FA students studying in Semester Autmn-21. All students have the option to submit all their assignments before the deadline. The last date to submit your FA or Matric assignment is February 28th 2022.
  • You can view the latest version of the Assignment Marks for B.A/AD program Spring 2021 on AIOU website. Check the link below to see details about marks.

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